SEPA test data – IBAN and BIC values for the SEPA payment method

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        Finding the right set of test data to validate IBAN and BIC fields for SEPA transactions can be a bit of a hustle, since not all information will be available in the same place. For this reason I have researched and put up a set of IBAN-BIC combinations, to make SEPA testing less frustrating. Whether you are testing your API responses, as a Payment Service Provider, or you are testing your front-end IBAN and BIC input fields, the following set of SEPA test data will be useful.

IBAN and BIC values for E.U. Countries

Country IBAN BIC
Austria AT611904300234573201 ALPEAT22
Belgium BE68844010370034 ARSPBE22
Bulgaria * BG80BNBG96611020345678 BNPABGSX
Croatia * HR1210010051863000160 ALLNHR21XXX
Cyprus CY17002001280000001200527600 EMPOCY2N
Czech Republic * CZ4201000000195505030267 CRLYCZPP
Denmark * DK5750510001322617 DNBNDKKK
Estonia EE342200221034126658 FOREEE2X
Finland FI9814283500171141 BSUIFIHH
France FR7630066100410001057380116 BCITFRPP
Germany DE12500105170648489890 GENODEF1EBR
Greece GR1601101250000000012300695 ATTIGRAA
Hungary * HU29117080012054779400000000 CITIHUHX
Ireland IE92BOFI90001710027952 BARCIE2D
Italy IT68D0300203280000400162854 ICBBITMM
Latvia LV80BANK0000435195001 VBRILV2X
Lithuania LT121000011101001000 SNORLT22
Luxembourg LU761111000872960000 ABNALU2A
Malta MT98MMEB44093000000009027293051 BAWAMTM3
Netherlands NL18ABNA0484869868 ARSNNL21
Poland * PL61109010140000071219812874 EBOSPLPW
Portugal PT50003506830000000784311 BRASPTPL
Romania * RO49AAAA1B31007593840000 BTRLRO22
Slovakia SK3112000000198742637541 HSBCSKBA
Slovenia SI56031001001300933 SZKBSI2X
Spain ES1020903200500041045040 BAPUES22
Sweden * SE6412000000012170145230 HANDSESS
United Kingdom * GB32ESSE40486562136016 AIBKGB2L

* EU Member States with currencies other than euro

IBAN and BIC values for Non-E.U. Countries

Country IBAN BIC
Iceland IS140159260076545510730339 NBIIISRE
Liechtenstein LI1008800000020176306 RAIBLI22
Monaco MC1112739000700011111000H79 AGRIMCM1
Norway NO5015032080119 ARENNO21
San Marino SM86U0322509800000000270100 MAOISMSM013
Switzerland CH3908704016075473007 ARBHCH22


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